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The Clutter on Nov 30, 2023
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Versicolor.ca is the domain name for web space that I manage, the “I” being David Patriquin (aka JackPine, JackPine22) of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. The webspace serves several community groups as well as personal interests, those relating mostly to natural history and environmental matters.

I am a ‘Nature Nut’,  fortunate to have spent most of my working days as a faculty member in the Biology Department of Dalhousie University. I retired in 2008. Now I spend as much time as I can walking, always with a camera in hand, within my my “BioRegion“.  I am active in several natural history, trail and environmental groups.

My hand-coded versicolor.ca home page, installed in 2003, was getting cluttered. So the initial impetus for creating this website/subsection of versicolor.ca was  to clear some space on the home page by moving the odds’n ends to this site. As the materials are all nature related, I figured “Nature Notes” would be an appropriate name.

With time, I will post other nature-related materials that now reside inside a hard drive or two; those will be materials for which I think there is some value in sharing them with the naturalist and broader community.

I will also use Nature Notes as a place to vent a bit, or to help me to escape  from the multiple stressors of modern life, or to retain some optimism in the face of them… ‘not quite sure where it will go beyond acting as a place to organize and store digital stuff.

I don’t generally provide options for comment  on websites that I manage –  my experience is that those quickly become cluttered with spam. My major online discussion venue is Facebook.

Anyway, Welcome if you happen to arrive here, directed or by happenstance!

david p,   Nov 30, 2023