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Man accused of assaulting conservation officer after elvers bust in downtown Dartmouth
Paul Withers · CBC News · Posted: Apr 17, 2024 “A man has been charged with assaulting a Nova Scotia conservation officer who was enforcing the federal ban on fishing for baby eels, also known as elvers, in the Maritimes. The alleged incident took place one week ago — not on a remote rural stream, but on the Shubenacadie Canal in downtown Dartmouth…Police did not identify the accused. However, a Sipekne’katik First Nation man said on social media he was the one arrested. James Nevin maintained he did nothing wrong. He claimed conservation officers did not identify themselves and that he was sprayed with bear spray in the course of his arrest at Martins Park.”I didn’t hit nobody,” he said on Facebook. “I want us to be left alone. It’s our right to do this. We should be able to fish. “There is some overfishing, but I mean maybe if they set something in place for us, you know, 12 kilos per person or something. We requested that in our management plan.” DFO declined to comment on the incident Wednesday.”

Halifax zoning changes could allow for some 200,000 new housing units
Haley Ryan · CBC News · Posted: Apr 18, 2024 “Staff backs down on high-rise buildings near post-secondary schools”

Reducing Red Tape Together (2023)
NS Gov. Office of Regulatory Affairs and Service Effectiveness’ 2023 Annual Report. No specific date on the report. From Page 11:

A Faster Path to Development: the HRM Trusted Partner Program
In effort to speed up the development approval process and incentivise high-quality applications, a new program is being designed for developers and builders with an established record of submitting accurate and complete development applications, and who meet a set of criteria, to access an expedited path for development. The creation of the HRM Trusted Partner Program was a key recommendation of Deloitte’s Housing Development Barrier Review Report. Its foundational premise is one of reverse onus, where the responsibility of submitting complete and accurate applications will largely be with the trusted developer and builder partners, avoiding time consuming and duplicative reviews by HRM staff. Periodic audits ensure submissions are complete, accurate and comply with by-laws. When fully implemented, the fast-track program will result in timelier approval for development, the reduction of staff workload and will provide a significant incentive for quality planning and development applications. Most importantly is the outcome: more Nova Scotians in homes, sooner.

Also view: Office of Regulatory Affairs and Service Effectiveness

COMMENT Jan 30, 2024:
A major test of the credibility of the HRM Trusted Partner Program will be how decisions are made in regard to the developments proposed by Shaw/Clayton for Sandy Lake & Environs (Bedford, NS), especially given the fiasco in regard to land deals and EAs related to the Shaw/Clayton development at Southbridge (Eisner Cove Wetland). As it stands, the scientific evidence is very clear that Sandy Lake is currently in a highly precarious state limnologically  even without further development; also that there would be immeasurable harm to wildilfe habitat and Chebucto Peninsula/Mainland connectivity from such a development. There are areas nearby that could be developed with very little negative impact.


Urban Reserve Lands
On Web Archive/ Letter of Oct 13, 2013, WRWEO to Mayor Savage re Greenbelting including urban reserve lands, quality of life etc.


Sharing Our Space with Wildlife in Halifax
by David Patriquin for Naturally Nova Scotia, November 2014. On web Archive/ 4-page doc with photos/. “Halifax, referring to the whole of HRM or Halifax County, is close to a paradise for nature-loving folks – hikers, bikers, hunters, fishers & birdwatchers alike. Unlike most Canadian cities, the urban core is surrounded not by farms or endless burbs but by forested and coastal landscapes…In Halifax, a few hours off is all it takes to enjoy a wilderness setting…”

Requiem for the Whopper Dropper