Colin Stewart leads discussions
on Nov 29, 2003

“A team of professionals from various agencies and organizations including HRM, DNR, CFIA, Parks Canada, Dalhousie University, and Nova Scotia Field Naturalists, had been assembled to assess risk and develop an approach to the remediation phase. The goal of remediation is to mitigate short term risks while protecting the ability to restore the park over the longer term.” – from HRM Council Report, Jan 13, 2004

On Nov 29, 2003, I was amongst several Halifax Field Naturalists/Friends of Point Pleasant Park who participated in a tour of Point Pleasant Park, followed by a discussion of ‘what to do now’ led by Colin Stewart at Park Maintenance facilities on Point Pleasant Drive.

Colin was a well known and liked naturalist/consultant/NGO leader especially appreciated for his abilities to bring different interests together to discuss and take action on controversial environmental issues.

Colin battled cancer and died on Mar 15, 2004, far too young in life. In the final sentence of a tribute to Colin,  Halifax Field Naturalist colleague Bob McDonald wrote “Even though severely weakened by his illness, Colin continued to work on what was to be his last major challenge: the remediation and restoration of hurricane Juan-devastated Point Pleasant Park”.

Colin’s work set the stage for the widely applauded Comprehensive Plan of 2008.

David P

Some photos from the tour on Nov 29, 2003
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Before and After Juan. Above, Left: Map on the Wall, Nov 29, 2003 shows pre-Hurricane Juan serial view; circled areas (circled) are those which park personnel identified as having remained intact through Hurricane Juan.
Right: Post-Hurricane Juan aerial view, from the Comprehensive Plan

View towards interior of PPP from Shore Rd

By Martello Tower


Nte Snapoff – low down, in foreground; – higher up, towards left side of photo

Recently carved stump

This had been mature closed-canopy evergreen forest before Juan