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The “Friends of Point Pleasant Park”,  formed in 2000,  waned as a formal society in recent years. In 2019, three elders – Ian T, Allan R, David P –  were concerned about some the goings on and met to discuss re-activating the group. That initiative kind of waned with time, re Covid etc.. but we did set up this website.  It is  still being maintained intermittently by JackPine22 who welcomes input, comment.

  • David P (aka JackPine22)

From the old website:

Friends of Point Pleasant Park (FPPP) was formed in the spring of 2000 by a group of concerned citizens alarmed at the continuing problems in and degradation of Point Pleasant Park, one of the most important and beautiful civic parks in the country. Of outstanding natural, historical, recreational, and tourism interest, the Park, established in 1866, has – since Cornwallis founded the city in 1749 – been a site much beloved by both Haligonians and visitors to the city.

In the winter and spring 2001 the park was subjected to a cutting program by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) as part of attempts to control the Brown Spruce Longhorn Beetles (Teropium fuscum). Then in the fall of 2003 Halifax was struck by Hurricane Juan, destroying a large proportion of the forest at Point Pleasant Park.

Since that time there have been ongoing programs, plans, and efforts to restore the Park as an urban forest and an important natural and recreational site for the citizens of Halifax. Friends of Point Pleasant Park have continued to play a leading role in these initiatives.

Interested is being a Volunteer at Point Pleasant Park? Find out more about the “Volunteers in the Park (VIP)” program. We encourage you to get involved!

Stay tuned for an updated Friends of Point Pleasant Park website in the near future.

A lot has happened since…