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Species Names and Descriptions


Binomial names and authorities for species are those cited as current by ITIS (Canada). A link to this site is given on each species page to facilitate looking up synonyms for the species and other details about its taxonomic status.

A brief description is given for each species. Comments about the distribution, time of flowering and habitat of species in Nova Scotia are based on The Flora of Nova Scotia, 3rd Ed. (Roland et al., 1998) unless otherwise stated; The Flora should be consulted for details.

Comments about the distribution of a species within North America and its conservation status in various states and provinces are based on information provided by NatureServe Explorer.

Comments about the vegetative and reproductive characteristics, diagnostic features and range are based on a number of text and web accessible sources (below) but are not specifically referenced unless quoted directly, or unless a lesser known aspect of the species is cited, e.g., as might be reported in a recent scientific paper.

The descriptions are not intended to be comprehensive. Links to selected web resources are given on most species pages.

Please advise us of any errors and of web sources or other information that you think would be appropriate to consult. See also the Taxonomy/Ecology Links page.

Text sources routinely consulted for species descriptions

Web accessible sources routinely consulted for species descriptions