Dyking Spade

Dykes, Shipyards, and Coastal Communities:

Built structures on and adjacent to the salt marshes and barrier beaches of the Upper Bay of Fundy.

A Presentation by Kerr Canning for the School of Architecture, Dalhousie University on May 25, 2007

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Page updated May 26, 2008


The web pages on this site began as a result of a presentation given at Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia on May 25, 2007 to architectural students in a design studio course. During the presentation the pages were retrieved from a laptop and projected on to a screen. This method is an alternative to using one of the commonly used presentation software packages and it has the advantage of providing students with a record, on the web, of important images and textural material presented during the lecture. Furthermore it allows for the possibility of adding material to the web site at a later date.

In the course the architectural students were to focused on several aspects of a proposed marine interpretive centre for the community of Spencerís Island located on the Parrsboro Shore of Nova Scotia. Since the centre is historical in nature, the students needed introductory material on a diverse spectrum of topics. As well, future studio courses may be offered and the students may need ongoing access to information. To meet the requirements of any possible future courses, this web site is to be continually updated.


  1. Mary Celeste Interpretive Centre

  2. Developing Tourism in Nova Scotia:
    Downloadable PDF file formated manuals developed by the Nova Scotia Department of Tourism, Culture and Heritage.

  3. Online Resource Material Pertinent to Spencerís Islandís Ecology and Marine Environment

  4. A New Outdoor Cinema on the site of the Mary Celeste Interpretive Centre
    A 2007 summer project completed by Dalhousie University architectural students and members of the Spencerís island community.

  5. August 30, 2007: 'Thinking with your hands' Dal students create outdoor cinema in Spencer's Island.
    A Dalhousie University news release by Marilyn Smulders

  6. Architorture Survival Guide V: Jargonary, by Yi Zhou.
    An interesting article from SHAFT, a publication produced by architectural students at the University of Toronto.

  7. West Apple River Saltbox
    Images showing the construction of a cottage.

  8. Spencers Island:
    An overview of its history.

  9. Moving buildings and other large structures.
    My families connection with the built environment.

  10. Buildings at the Wagstaff & Hatfield Shipyard at Port Greville, N.S.

  11. Land settlement in Apple River and along the Parrsboro Shore

  12. The Dykes at Apple River, Advocate, Fox River, and Dilligent Rive.

  13. Shipyard derricks and sheers(sheer-legs); pile drivers; and capstans.

  14. Coastal and Land Development

  15. Interesting Examples of Applied Physics:
    Linear momentum, moment of inertia, angular momentum, lamps and daylighting.

  16. Timber, Logs, Lumber, and Scantlings:
    Items from the days of water- powered and steam-engine driven saw mills.

  17. Beasts of Burden:
    The work done in shipyards, the lumber woods, and on the farm by oxen and work horses.

  18. The Architecture of Keith L. Graham, F.R.A.I.C.:
    Coastal houses designed in the vernacular of the Upper Bay of Fundy

  19. A Reverence for Wood ( the title of a book by Eric Sloane )

  20. Sail plans and deck sheer.

  21. The Carpenter Shop.

  22. Cape Dor and its buildings.

  23. Women at Sea.

  24. North-South Ties:
    Trade, commerce, and immigration between Atlantic Canada and the Atlantic Coast from New England to the West Indies.

  25. Barns.

  26. The School of Hard Knocks:
    The informal education of eighteenth, nineteenth and early twentieth century men and women.

  27. The Wooden Boats of Cumberland Countyís Upper Bay of Fundy Shores.