Lawn Weed Tolerance Survey, Halifax, 25 May 2023

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I conducted my sometimes annual lawn ecology survey yesterday (May 25), results shown in the image at right.

The Ratio of Weed Intolerant to Weed Tolerant (& pollinator-friendly) front lawns is similar to that I have found in past years (going back to circa 2010) when surveys were were conducted on older neighbourhoods on peninsular Halifax. This was the first off-peninsula/newer neighbourhood survey.

On one street, all lawns were Weed Intolerant, on another most were Weed Tolerant. All properties were of similar size,  house type/class, probably circa 30 years old, 3-4 BR, 2-story, garage.

Overall, my impression is that “Weed Tolerance” was by choice, relation to No-Mow-May, not by neglect.

A resident was pulling weeds by hand on one of the Weed Intolerant Lawns. On one lawn there was a Weed Control Service sign.  Most of the Weed Intolerant lawns were likely maintained by lawn services such as Weed Man, Nutri-Lawn, Turf Medic. Only one lawn looked like it was managed as a “clover lawn”; I have seen more of those in older neighbourhoods on the Peninsula.


Back to the Perfect Lawn In 2011, Halifax modified its once highly progressive Pesticide By-law to allow use of Fiesta, a “harmless” herbicide. Why these now “perfect lawns” are not so “eco-friendly” (as often advertised) is explained at right.

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