Chebucto Wilderness Coalition Reports

UPDATE FEB. 2013: The CWC was formed for the sole purpose of seeking protection for the FBLWA. With achievement of that goal, the groups has been deactivated. The documents below are retained "for the record".

The Chebucto Wilderness Coalition (CWC) was formed in 2008 with the sole purpose "to protect the approximately 9,800 hectares of public lands within the boundaries of Highways 103 and 333, in the County of Halifax, Province of Nova Scotia, under the Wilderness Areas Protection Act, S.N.S., 1998, c. 27 as amended."

See this Overview (PDF document) for the history and activities of the CWC. It can also be viewed in web format.

Reports from the CWC Steering Committee
CWC issues regular reports on its progress and topics related to its objectives.

The reports are in PDF format.

  1. Protecting our Natural Heritage (Sep. '08)
  2. CWC Meets with the Minister of Natural Resources (Oct. 24, '08)
  3. Master Plan for the Chebucto Wilderness Commons (Nov. 23, '08)
  4. Endorsement of the Department of Natural Resources (Jan. 20, '09)
  5. OHV Use on Chebucto Peninsula Lands: Proposed for Protection under the Wilderness Areas Protection Act (Jan. 30, '09)
  6. Endorsement of the Liberal Caucus (Feb.6, '09)
  7. CWC Steering Committee meeting with EDM regarding the Western Common, Wilderness Common Master Plan (Feb.13, '09)
  8. Aquatic Habitat & Water Quality in the Chebucto Wilderness (Feb.13, '09)
  9. The NDP Makes it Unanimous (Apr.9, '09)
  10. CWC Steering Committee Reviews the Case for Legislated Protection (Aug. 17, 2009)
  11. Meeting with Minister Sterling Belliveau, Department of Environment and Minister John Mac Donell, Department of Natural Resources (Sep. 24, 2009)
  12. Protection of FBLWA on Track (March 22, 2011)