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When converting a lawn to a meadow is illegal

Couple battling municipality over ‘nuisance’ wildflower garden Stu Mills · CBC News · Posted: Jul 20, 2020 “La Pêche, Que., couple says their vegetation is a habitat for bees and butterflies”

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There are “guerilla gardeners” and now “guerilla plant namers”

View ‘Not just weeds’: how rebel botanists are using graffiti to name forgotten flora In the Guardian, May 1, 2020. A rising international force of rebel botanists armed with chalk has taken up street graffiti to highlight the names and importance … Continue reading

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Early April is ideal time to overseed clover

There are many benefits to having clover in lawns: – Combined with mulch-mowing, the clover can supply most or all of the turf’s needs for nitrogen. Clover and other legumes are infected by soil bacteria which form nitrogen-fixing nodules on … Continue reading

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What’s ripping up the lawns?

Crows are said to be the culprits. Well really it’s the grubs they are after that are the problem. I have noticed a lot more crows on peninsular Halifax this spring and am wondering if disruption of the roost at … Continue reading

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Spreading clover seed on a Halifax lawn

My front lawn is particularly difficult, but not atypical of front lawns (or sometimes back lawns) in Halifax. It was established on shallow soil, there are tree roots through it and from late May on it is shaded by Norway … Continue reading

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This fall, red maple matched Japanese maple for colour

The red maples were a match for the Japanese maples in Halifax on Oct 30, 2018

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Surette on bottled water and lawn chemicals

In “Let’s stop being such environmental dunces” (Chronicle Herald, Oct 2, 2018), columnist Ralph Surette cited bottled water and our use of lawn chemicals as prime examples of “low-hanging toxic fruit that is environmentally, economically and logically idiotic — and … Continue reading

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Last days of Common Roots at the QE site

2018 was the 7th season for the Common Roots Urban Farm which was “set up as a pilot project at Robie Street and Bell Road in 2012”. However, it’s their last season at that site, and we haven’t heard yet … Continue reading

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A short walk

As a first test of an approach we may pursue, we took a couple of hours with a camera in hand to walk a neighbourhood and to talk to people about their landscapes. Then we put together a short video … Continue reading

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What we’re up to…

This website is being developed by two Nova Scotians, one an economist and the other an ecologist, to highlight examples of urban landscapes that we see as ecologically desirable or at least pointed in that direction. Initially those examples will … Continue reading

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