Piggy Mountain, the "Crowning Jewel of the Backlands"

The words are those of Geoffrey Grantham, whose paintings so well capture the essence and moods of The Backlands.

Piggy Mountain lies approximately 1 km due west of York Redoubt. It is the highest of a series glacially cut ridges in The Backlands and affords a panoramic view of these still wild lands.

These photos were taken on Oct 15, 2013, on my first visit to this special place.
- David P.

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Piggy Mt
Piggy Mt Piggy Mt
Piggy Mt Piggy Mt
Piggy Mt

3600Panorama: Larger Version (2 MB) | Largest Version (7MB)

Open up a larger version and use your left & right keys to move across the panorama. The uppermost photo is an entire 360o panorama taken from the highest point. Photos below that one were taken from other vantage points on Piggy Mountain. The leafless trees lying close to Piggy Mountain are the skeltons of trees that burned in the Spryfield Fire of 2009. The fire also swept across the mountain itself and burned some of the houses that can be seen to the right of the panorama. The bright red ground vegetation is Black Huckleberry. The gnarly, leafless trees with cones are burnt Jack Pines.

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