Aug. 1, 2013:
A Victory for Nature in
Nova Scotia

Raymond Plourde
Raymond Plourde, EAC Wilderness Coordinator speaking at the
Parks and Protected Areas Announcement on Aug 1, 2013

Raymond Plourde expressed the sentiments of the day in an e-mail:
Hi folks.

Well the big Parks and Protected Areas Plan was released today and it was a home run by any measure. Over 13% protection now and almost another 1% in "conditional lands" to come in the next few years (as mineral and oil and gas exploration licenses are retired). Almost every single one of our wilderness "hotspots" are protected plus many more identified in the Colin Stewart Forest Forum and the recent public consultation process. The details are available at:
Press Release

Our Parks and Protected Areas A Plan for Nova Scotia

Interactive Map

Today is a big win for wilderness and wildlife conservation. Thanks so much to all of you who have helped push this boulder uphill over these many years. This wouldn't have happened without your perseverance and hard work.

Remember Aug 1, 2013 folks We won one a rare victory for nature today...

We can only agree!

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Listen to an audio of Raymond's remarks (informally recorded by WRWEO)