It was very much a participatory AGM. After the formal business, newly elected Co-Chair Nanci Lee led an Appreciative Inquiry about WRWEO's future. We addressed the first two stages of the inquiry - Discovery and Dream - at the meeting, giving us lots to Design & Do subsequently. Special thanks to Keya Gemeda for video recording the meeting and for several of the photos on this page.

Left: Co-chair Richmond Campbell opens the meeting.

Above:Jim Carwardine welcomes four new board members who volunteered from the floor, all women!

Right: Nanci Lee leads Appreciative Inquiry discussion of WRWEO's future.

David Patriquin talks about the intersection of the Woodens River system and the Five Bridge Lakes Wilderness Area.

The meeting was well attended with lots of participation in the discussion.

Norris Whiston from the Cobequid Trail group comments.

Some the things we have achieved

The rest of the session was about what we would like to be able to say in the not-too distant future.

More Dreams about what we could say about our accomplishments at a future AGM.

Design & Do - The Follow-up Phases for our Appreciative Inquiry.

Bono fans Richmond Campbell and David Patriquin are pleased!