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Sunlight Dancing on The Bluff

On April 1, 2012, ten hikers assembled for the second Poetry In the Bluff, an event introduced and led by Nanci Lee in the spring of 2011.

Our Poet leader for the day was Andy Wainwright. As in 2011, we would walk the first half of the Pot Lake Loop in silence, then pause to recite verses we had thought about along the way, and finally return in conversation.

Andy asked us to think about a Haiku, explaining for the blissfully ignorant (me) what that entailed. It was a glorious day, about 8 degrees above, and bright sun. I wasn't long on the trail before "Sunlight dances on The Bluff" came to mind as my first line.

-David P.
Sunlight dancing on The Bluff
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Trailing Arbutus (Mayflower) at right will share its beauty & fragrance later

Awakening: broom crowberry was just beginning to bloom in a few warm spots

Natural stone tread leads into an oak woodland

Stone tread placed over a wet spot by WRWEO volunteers in 2012

I felt the heartbeat of a birch

Magnificant red spruce on east side of Pot Lake

Sunlight dances on the dinner table

Cladonia sp. lichen

Pot Lake

Seed pods of Rhodora, now split open

Silence broke…


Huckleberry's new growth

Red spruce, the signature species of the Acadian forest, thrives by Pot Lake, here on the west side.

We supposed lightening had
struck this tree

Cranberry Lake

Glacial sculpture
At left: Rock Garden

It's good to know we won't be the last to revel in this place