Williams Lake from the Backlands

Williams Lake, at the Wildland-Urban Interface
The panorama covers the entire Williams Lake which has an overall west (at left above) to east orientation. It was shot from two sites on the recently burnt barrens on the south, unsettled side of the lake on Oct. 4, 2013. Viewed from the north side, its Jack Pines present Thomsonesque vistas. As is typical of the Jack Pine stands, they burn regularly, those above Williams Lake doing so in 2012.

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This beautiful, near pristine lake lies only minutes from downtown Halifax, which can be seen above the trees towards the right of the panorama. There is pressure to develop wildlands on the south side of the lake which would seriously degrade the landscape and the lake, and take away a teasured wildland retreat of many Haligonians.

The whole area from Williams Lake south to Power's Pond and enclosed by Herring Cove Road to the west and Purcell's Road to the east is variously known as the The Backlands, Purcell's Backlands or Halifax Backlands or some variant of those names. The backlands are a complex of rock barrens, Jack Pine barrens, hardwood, mixed and black spruce forests, wetlands and lakes on rough glacial terrain. They are currently undeveloped, largely because in the past it was simply too difficult to do so. Now, they could be developed, but only by destroying or seriously degrading the natural landscapes, habitats and hydrological regimes.

See Backlands Coalition for more about Williams Lake and the Purcell's Backlands.

Williams lake Watershed
Jack Pine Barrens in the Williams Lake Watershed & Backlands
(Oct 25, 2012)

At right: Lower MacIntosh Run (Aug. 7, 2013)

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Williams lake Watershed
"The Gully", Williams Lake Watershed & Backlands
(Sep. 14, 2013) Click on photo for larger version.



Purcell's Backlands