What's happened to Pesticide By-law P800?

Letter to Mayor and Council May 16, 2019

From: Helen Jones

To: Mayor Mike Savage. cc Office, Clerks

Dear Mayor Mike Savage and all HRM Councillors,

Who is enforcing the important public health protections of our Pesticide Bylaw (By-Law P-800)?

It is of great concern to see KENT stores in HRM freely displaying bottles of ROUNDUP for sale on their store shelves and in displays near cash registers.

As you may know, ROUNDUP contains the active ingredient, Glyphosate, which is acknowledged internationally as a probable carcinogen, and has a Canadian Pest Control Product Number that is NOT listed as allowed by HRM's Administrative Order 23.

Pesticide Bylaw P-800 explicitly prohibits the use of all herbicides in our municipality. Glyphosate is a herbicide.

Has the city kissed these protections goodbye or do you still stand by them?

In the interest of protecting both the public health of all our residents, as well as our municipality from potential liability risks (see below), I urge you to see that immediate action is taken to insure that illegal products are not displayed or sold in our jurisdiction, and that the valuable protections afforded by both our municipal bylaw and NS Provincial Pesticide Regulations are enforced (and violations penalized) - as if they matter.

Our kids and all our loved ones are depending on you.

Thank you.


Helen Jones
MSc., Hon. Zool. (UBC), Ed.D. (Col. Univ.)
Past Member, Pesticide Bylaw Advisory Committee
Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM)
Past Member, Pesticide Free Nova Scotia
Board Member, Real Alternatives to Toxins in the Environment (RATE)">


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