A few Comments About Topdressing
Existing Lawns with Soil/Compost

The Soil and Compost Use Guidelines advise using a 7:3 mix of compost and soil (by volume) and topdressing a one-half inch layer (1.25 cm); the lawn should be mowed first and aerated, and overseeded after the application.

This operation is best done in the early spring or early fall. Currently a limitation in metro could be a lack of smaller sized application equipment that could be used on small properties. If the job is being done manually, a one-quarter inch layer (6 mm) topdressing would also be effective; in that case, the overseeding mix could be mixed into the soil before the soil/compost mix is applied or as it being applied.

Use this opportunity to diversify the grasses and/or add clover.

Page posted 18 May 2004