April 15, 2014: Received in e-mail:

Perhaps you've heard by now, but as the afternoon session was ending just before the break for dinner, Jennifer Watts spoke briefly and well, and then the council voted almost unanimously to do two things:

One was to exclude the two pesticide bylaw related items from the list of things to be repealed in Item 11.1.9 (i.e., both By-Law P-800 and Administrative Order 23 [this lists as you know the allowable gardening materials (such as pheromone traps) that can be used in HRM in spite of having Pest Control Product (PCP) numbers]).

The second thing was voting to send these to HRM's Standing Committee on Environment and Sustainability (see below for the membership and contact info for this committee) for further discussion and possible recommendations to come back to Council (with no specified date for this to happen). If it never comes back to Council, that's one possible good outcome, isn't it.

There was little discussion except from two bylaw supporters [David Hendsbee who wanted to just leave the bylaw as it is, and eager Gloria McClusky who wanted to discuss it in Council right away].

Judging by the near unanimous vote, an amazingly large enough response was organized in the very short time available that NONE of the bylaw opponents wanted to stick their necks out and argue against this today. Everyone worked hard, but Maureen was brilliant -- the key one with her finger in the dyke.

Thanks Maureen!!!!