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The Five Bridge Lakes Wilderness Area (FBLWA) is located near Halifax in the province of Nova Scotia, Canada.

This set of web pages provides an overview of the landscapes of the FBLWA from a natural history perspective. It is essentially a self study module. There are 31 pages. Most consist of a photo and a TEXT link to a pop-up window describing what is in the photo. (The browser must be javascript enabled for the popup window to work; browsers usually are by default.) It is best to go through the slides sequentially, but the navigation aids will also allow jumping around (see Navigation).

A simple PDF version is available at dalspace

For a very quick introduction to the topic and the area, I suggest viewing The Chebucto Peninsula: A Significant Conservation Area.

Posted Sep 13, 2016
at versicolor.ca/landscapes
by David Patriquin

Corrections, refinements and additions to follow.

This initial version is not very mobile-friendly, and should be viewed on a laptop or desktop computer.