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Trail Work

Volunteers clear a fallen tree from The Pot lake Loop of The Bluff Trail
April 6th, 2012

It was one of those magnificant red spruce trees that occur in patches of old growth forest on the east and west sides of Pot Lake. This one was on the west side. Photos were taken by Paul Berry, who with his spouse Kimberley and Jim Carwardine, cleared the tree from the trail, making a new bench and stream crossing in the process.

The Bluff Trail
Kimberly (with Peevee) and Jim (with chain saw and gas can) hike into The Bluff Hiking Trail to remove some deadfall.
"Its funny, I took the dog out onto the first loop that afternoon and thought, crap, thats a big tree fallen, Ill have to talk Paul and Rich about this once I get home. Five minutes later I bumped into the chain saw gang!

Good job!"

- Mark

The Bluff Trail
The 160 year old tree that fell across the path.

The Bluff Trail
The stump - once the cut was made.

"We counted (estimated at 20 per inch) the growth rings on the tree we trimmed. Approx 160 years old. Using those numbers, the biggest tree, just up the trail by the one hit by lightning which is easily twice the diameter, would be over 300 years old..."
- Jim
The Bluff Trail
A new bridge across the stream.

The Bluff Trail
A new bench next to the trail.

The Bluff Trail
Kimberly kneeling next to a tree struck by lightning,
approximately 60 feet tall.
Many thanks to Paul, Kimberley, Jim, and other volunteers for making our hikes on The Bluff Trail so pleasureable!

-David P. Co-chair, WRWEO