Four Practical Nova Scotia
Wetland Courses for 2012

From Fern Hill Institute for Plant Conservation

2011: The Nova Scotian government unveiled the Wetland Conservation Policy (http://www.gov.ns.ca/nse/wetland/conservation.policy.asp) which was mandated under the 2007 Environmental Goals and Sustainable Prosperity Act. The Policy recognizes and reinforces existing legislation (Environment Act) and makes clear that there will be no net loss of wetland in Nova Scotia.

2011: Fern Hill, in association with the K.C. Irving Environmental Science Centre, was the first organization in Nova Scotia to give wetland specialists the training in hydrology, botany and soils that is required to delineate a wetland boundary. The instructors were Nova Scotian ecologists and botanists who had first hand experience with our wetlands. We put on a 3 day wetland plant course and a 4 day wetland delineation course at modest rates ($500 and $1000).

2012: Fern Hill offers Urban Wetland Restoration (April 30-May 2), and the following THREE WETLAND COURSES in July in association with the K.C. Irving Environmental Science Centre:

  1. Wetland Plants: July 4-6, 2012 (Nick Hill and Sean Blaney with Alain Belliveau)
  2. Wetland Delineation: July 10-13, 2012 (Kevin Keys and Jim Jotcham)
  3. Functional Assessment: July 24-27, 2012 (Nick Hill, Kevin Keys and Mark Pulsifer)