Recent additions, changes to the website


Dec 18, 2018: Editing of the Overview Page, added some new diagrams; link to the recently revised map of the proposed SLRP
Dec 17, 2018: Posted Presentation on “A natural history perspective of the forests, wetlands and surface waters of Sandy Lake (Bedford) & Environs” available on YouTube
Dec 17, 2018: Revised post about Sandy Lake frozen over on Dec 13, 2018 & salt signal increases in streams entering lake via Johnson’s Brook
Dec 15, 2018: Sandy Lake frozen over on Dec 13, 2018 & salt signal increases in streams entering lake via Johnson’s Brook – More observations on surface waters enetring SL via Johnson’s Brook, conducted Dec 13, 2018.
Nov 28&29 2018: Under Lakes, I added changes the table with historical pH and EC values to include some earlier values, also the 2017 values; also added comments about the 2018 observations of streams associated with Johnson’s Brook.
Nov 20, 2018: Added some maps under Forests “Two forest layers from Provincial Landscape Map illustrate the overall nature of the forests”; also some materials to the top page on Invasive Species..re: Chinese mystery snail
Nov 13, 2018: Added Video: Establishment of yellow birch seedlings on hemlock blowdowns at Sandy Lake (Bedford, Nova Scotia)
on Videos Page
Nov 9,10 2018: Added maps showing Electrical Conductivity and pH values for streams associated with Johnson’s Brook. View Lakes > EC and pH. Added photos of Rosa multiflora removal – scroll to bottom of Rosa multiflora page
Aug 4,5, 2018: Added page on Beavers (and higher water level on Sandy Lake); working on pages on Invasive Plants
July 2, 2018: Completed a page on Access & Trails; related post
Jun 27, 2018: Pamphlet promotes formation of Sandy Lake Regional Park for Halifax (blog); with web version of new pamphlet
Jun 27, 2018: Added Recreation > Trails with Map (more to be developed)
Jun 25, 2018: Added Recreation > Sandy Lake Beach Park
Jun 18, 2018: Added section to website on Recreation (more to be developed)
Jun 17, 2018: Searching for old beech amidst a magnificent drumlin forest on the Jack Lake lands (blog) and associated webpage: forests > Jack Lake Lands Drumlin Forest & photoalbum
Jun 7, 2018: Happy 30th, Sackville Rivers Association (blog, with recordings from the event)
May 25, 2018: Springtime in the woods by Sandy Lake (blog)
Apr 22, 2018: Earth Day at Sandy Lake (blog)
Mar 29, 2018: Added some watershed maps to the Maps page
Jan 28, 2017: Added a video of recent windfall
Jan 26, 2018: Added The Acadian Forest Love Affair
Jan 23, 2018: Added photos to several pages: Photo albums, Videos, Maps, Geology Links
Jan 17, 2018: Photos, text added to subpages of the Forests page, Mature/OG Forest and Pit & Mound Topography; edited video (new link, now on YouTube); began drafting main page for streams and wetlands section.
Jan 16, 2018: Added photos to the Forests pagee