Paul's Notes

Paul's Notes
Paul has written extensively in society journals and popular magazines about growing cacti and bringing them to flower in a northern greenhouse, about capturing their beauty on film, and about their natural history. With the collaboration of David Patriquin, Paul is revising and updating some of those articles for the Web. Those articles and new ones will appear as they unfold.

    Evolution of My Greenhouse
(posted Jan. 24, 2003 )
    Echeveria setosa
(Mexican Firecracker)

(posted Sept. 12, 2002)
    Rhipsalidopsis rosea
(Rose Easter Cactus)

(posted June 14, 2002)
    Photography in My Greenhouse
(posted June 7, 2002)
    A Ballet of the Stamens
(Blooming of Ghost Plant)
(posted Feb. 23, 2002)
    Recognition and Culture
of the Holiday Cacti

(posted Dec.22, 2001)
    Seasonal Notes
(Care of Cacti & Other Succulents by Season)
(posted Oct 5, 2001)
    A Unique Method of Combatting Rot
(posted June 15, 2001)
    An Unusual Behaviour of Echinocereus websterianus
(posted June 15, 2001)



These photo-essays were written by Paul Brunelle and posted on a Dalhousie University website in the early 2000s with my assistance on the web design end.

The essays (and a larger website on Cacti and Other Succulents) have since been removed.

I was reminded of Paul's essays today as I viewed the lovely blooms of a Chrstmas Cactus, which prompted me to search for a copy of his essay on RECOGNITION and CULTURE of the HOLIDAY CACTI. Fortunately, I had the whole set of essays which are posted here.

A tip of the Hat to Paul, who passed away July 21, 2012.

- David Patriquin
   Dec. 15, 2014

Paul's Hat

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