Pink Corydalis and Associates

Patrick Foote forwarded these photos, taken May 28, 2009, with a query about the identity of the pink corydalis (at left). I hadn't seen this species, but the resemblance to bleeding heart and Dutchman's-breeches suggested family Fumariaceae, and then it was a short step to Corydalis sempervirens (pink corydalis). Lovely pics, all; thanks, Patrick, for sharing them.
- David P.

Wrote Patrick:

I have only seen this [pink corydalis] once and it is at the end of its bloom.. [it is] found on the cottage road to Methals power dam, in a log cutting on granite rock. I have shared a few photos from within a hundred foot radius of this flower.

The Methals power dam is South of New Minas in the Annapolis valley. The land in the area had been cleared for power lines. In this particular spot there are very large, coarse crystal granite stones. There is lichen covering many of the large stones, I suppose it has been cut off in the last 10 years. The Soldier lichen is what caused me to look closely, it is amazing.

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