The map at right relates to an Op-Ed by David Patriquin published in the Chronicle Herald on May 7, 2016:

Acid rain + clear cuts = permanent loss*

For some additional notes, and references, see: *Author's article as submitted is available here.

"The broad outlines of this story have been known since the 1980s, when precipitous declines of salmon in many of our Atlantic river systems were traced to increased acidification of surface waters associated with acid rain. That should have raised alarm bells about forests. Declining salmon and increased water acidity are the equivalent of bad blood tests for watersheds. Something was wrong in the forested uplands that fed those rivers." There still is.

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I have received a lot of comments about this article, so far mostly positive. One person was concerned about the The Tuft's Cove comments and pic, which were inserted by the CH: "Your opinion piece in the May 7, 2016 Chronicle Herald was most interesting. It was nice to see the stacks at Tuft's Cove plant predominately featured. Their impact as to the subject of acid rain is now however somewhat questionable. In observing the characteristics of the plume it appears that the fuel being consumed is natural gas. A lot of good people work very hard, 24x7, to monitor and manage plant emissions. When questionable and perhaps untrue, pointed statements "like these from the Tuft's Cove power generating plant" are made it does not aid the author or the cause. Thank you
[John Doe] P. Eng., Retired Tuft's Cove employee"

Reponse: "The Tuft's Cove comments and pic were inserted by the CH, they were not mine..."