Reevaluation of Soaps

Soap salts have recently been reevaluated by the PMRA as part of their reevaluation of all pesticides registered prior to 31 Dec. 1994. The PMRA is proposing continued registration subject to toxic effects on fish being noted in the Environmental Hazard section of all commercial soap salts labels, and certain changes to products used on pets; also the type of salts (ammonium salts of fatty acids, potassium salts of fatty acids or alkanolamine salts of fatty acids) must be identified. See:
Proposed Acceptability for PACR2004-04 Continuing Registration Re-evaluation of Soap Salts (PDF file) ( Published by the Alternative Strategies and Regulatory Affairs Division, Pest Management Regulatory Agency, 7 April 2004.

The PMRA accepts comments on the proposal up to 45 days from the date of publication..

Document Posted 4 May, 2004
Document Edited 10 May 2004