Genealogy and Family History

By Kerr Canning

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Sources of Information that are Sometimes Underutilized.

1) County Registry of Deeds Records:Land Transactions,Boundaries of School Sections in the District of Parrsboro Township and Cumberland County Land Grants.

2) County Probate Records,

3) Nova Scotia Archives & Records Management (formerly Public Archives of Nova Scotia).

4) The Crown Land Information Management Centre

Suite 501, Founders Square
1701Hollis St
Phone: (902)424-2818
Fax: (902)424-7068

5) The Industrial Section of the 1871 Census

6) Theses,

1) Alexandra Montgomery.
An Unsettled Plantation: Nova Scotiaís New Englanders and the Creation of a British Colony, 1759-1776

Chapter 4 of this Dalhousie University Master of Arts thesis is devoted to an eighteenth century land grant region of Parrsborough Township called the Philadelphia Township. The author, Alexandra L. Montgomery, used archival material called the Ball Families: Papers, 1676-1879. These documents involving Nova Scotia history are located in Philadelphia at the library of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania.

2)David R. Stanley.
Nova Scotiaís Spencerís Island Company, 1880-1895: A case Study in Post-Confederation Entrepreneurial Success

7) Shipping Registers,

8) Other Government of Nova Scotia Documents.

9) Faribault-Fletcher Geological Survey of Canada Maps

10) Library and Archives Canada