Flora & Fauna

A Point Pleasant Park Gallery

Despite many disturbances, and in spite of the large numbers of people ( in excess of 1.4 million visits a year), bicycles, and dogs that frequent the park, it is still home to a large and diverse community of plants and animals typical of boreal fores ts in eastern Canada.

Point Pleasant Park in Halifax, Nova Scotia on i Naturalist
A “Project” on iNaturalist “To collate observations of flora and fauna in Point Pleasant Park in Halifax, Nova Scotia, including the intertidal zone” On Oct 6, 2019, 198 different observers had uploaded 2360 Observations including 532 species!

“Point Pleasant Park” in archived newsletters of the Halifax Field Naturalist
The Halifax Field Naturalist is a newsletter of the Halifax Field Naturalists that has been published 3-4 times a years since 1975. You can search archived issues for specific topics, e.g., “Point Pleasant Park, Hurricane” brings up a list of newsletters where those two words/phrases are found.

Multiflora Rose in Point Pleasant Park, Halifax
Report on a survey conducted in 2016 on occurrence of Multiflora Rose, an invasive species. Subsequent to that report, HRM has removed many of multiflora rose plants. See also Multiflora rose, an invasive that crept up on us in Halifax, NS.