That’s what they are, ramblings, not scientific notes. Just thoughts about this and that. Some of what goes through my mind, what I am reading, thinking about. Most recent at the top.

Oct 1, 2020
More reason to be so thankful to live in Nova Scotia

July 21, 2020
I recently read an article about social distancing in ants, how they change their behaviour when one or a group of ants gets a disease. There are others on the same theme in nature. I am thinking that we are an increasingly industrialized society with attendant losses of individuality… we are becoming more ant-like; and like the ants I am thinking that by the time we have truly got over Covid19, perhaps 3-4 years from now, we will have become even more ant like in our behaviour; more cautious routinely in our interactions and able to organize very quickly to close off community infections. I don’t look forward to it. But it is perhaps inevitable in our overcrowded and ever-more industrialized society; the alternative is complete collapse and chaos.

July 11, 2020
Nova Scotia reports zero new COVID-19 cases, extends state of emergency CBC News ยท Posted: Jul 10, 2020. Given the catastrophic state of the USA, I am grateful for the conservative approach. ‘Went to Crystal Crescent Beach yesterday, people were very respectful of distancing, but able to really enjoy the day. I am a little less nervous now about catching covid-19 from surfaces, but will still be cautious. ‘Still avoid being indoors with large no of people, so shop early.

My 24, 2020
Canada is still hesitating on masks, now recommending it (Gov. Canada page as modified on May 22, 2020) “for periods of time when it is not possible to consistently maintain a 2-metre physical distance from others”, but not requiring it in groceries. etc. I went to Sobeys ~10 days ago; no employee was wearing a mask. I wrote them and they said they are following federal guidelines, and that it is voluntary for employees. Nor do they wash carts after each use, and had no signs to ask clients to wipe them. I was NOT impressed. Costco is much much better. Other factors being equal or not even equal I would buy at Sobeys over Costco (to support a local enterprise) but in these covid-19 days they are too far from equal; Sobey’s could do better but chooses not to so XXXX them.

A Post I made on my Facebook page, May 17, 2020

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May 6, 2020
After a grocery-getting science fiction a.m., I was able to chill out in the hardwoods by Sandy Lake; they seemed oblivious to Covid19, and for a few hours I was too.

May 4, 2020
Some local issues with a racist taint re: long-term care facilities in NS. As Northwood deaths rise, Dr. Strang deflects responsibility, blames others, and minimizes the enormous death toll by Tim Bousquet in the Halifax Examiner.

I had one of the worst nightmares I ever had last night; it involved getting separated from my spouse and lost and not able to find her and getting assaulted, all in the context of Covid-19. I heard on the radio people talking about their dreams being particularly intense in these times.

Apr 30, 2020
1 dead, 5 missing in Canadian military helicopter crash during NATO operations near Greece CBC news. More sadness. It occurred near Cephalonia, a place in my spouse’s heritage and which we visited in the 1980s. The memories make the accident all the more real and tragic.

Apr 28, 2020
A tailor-friend gave us some cloth masks, now those are recommended to wear routinely.

Apr 24, 2020

My Facebook post, yesterday. Now we have the Nova Scotia tragedy to add to it all,compounded by and compunding cv19.

Apr 8, 2020
I have been thinking about gorillas catching diseases from tourists, and the incredible mortalities of indigenous peoples in the Americas following colonization. To say we are all in this together must include all species and all peoples.

Apr 7, 2020
I spent 1 hr 25 minutes talking with my youngster g’daughter on Facebook Messenger today, the most time by far I had ever spent in one-on-one converstaion with her. We began with a nature lesson then just yaked back and forth and did show and tell of things around us. I dressed up as ‘a naturalist’ but she didn’t really notice.

Apr 4, 2020
I did some gardening today, the first day. It sure felt good. About 6 degrees in the afternoon, mixed sun&cloud. My ‘kale’ overwintered well, I dug up one bed to remove goutweed and replanted the kale. It will provide early season greens, then go to flower in June. Before that I will plant a bed with seed collected last year. So I will get kale from May to Nov/Dec, about 8 mos.

“Kale”: its a brassica, but not the typical frilly kale. ‘Got it from Jen Green years ago. A staple. We slice it and use it as salad green, and I grab pieces directly from the garden to chew on. The seed is throughout my garden now and it springs up in odd places…I practice Fukuoka gardening.

The past few days, the s–t started hitting the fan in NY. Possibly some mild cases of covid-19 in my family here in Nova Scotia, they are being tested. Myself & spouse are in total isolation, at home. Takes hours to process groceries coming in; I wash everything with soap, including packaging (or throw that out, depending on particular item).

Mar 28, 2020
I woke up about 2:30. Joe K sent me this just about then:

My spouse had woken up at about the same moment
Earlier, my son arrived home from away; now we are all home. My daughter arrived home about 10 days ago with her 3 kids.

Mar 26, 2020
I wrote on Facebook: Think of it…for an as-yet brief period in modern human history, consumerism and fossil fuel consumption have crashed, the planet has a brief respite, the waters are becoming clear again and the air non-asthmatic, people have time for and care for each other, animals cross the highways without casualties…

Mar 26, 2020
I have long been a fan Leonard Cohen’s music and songs. ( I once bought a book of his poetry but mostly it made me laugh; Irving Layton was my poet as a student in the 1960s.) Yesterday, I discovered this most touching and revealing story told by LC about how he became a musician – View Leonard Cohen: How I Got My Song Address at the Prince Asturias Awards, a video of LC receiving an award on Oct 21, 2011, posted on www.americanrhetoric.com. It conjured up images of the neighbourhood in Montreal where I lived for a period as a student (Rue Esplanade, opp. Parc Jeanne-Mance); I could see him pointing out his mother’s apt. I also viewed Stina Dabrowski interviews Leonard Cohen in Paris in 2001: Part I | Part II | Part III It seems I got over my struggles with religion much more easily than LC did, but came to more or less the same place.