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Information about the state of emergency, COVID-19 updates, possible COVID-19 exposure and the Health Protection Act Order.

Provided by Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives.
Accessed Apr 9, 2020

Some advice about access to medical care in the local newspaper (May 4, 2020) by one I happen to know.

How Much Can the Human Spirit Endure in Isolation?
By Robin Wright, April 8, 2020 in “Those who survived being cut off from the outside world offer lessons for facing social isolation.”

A short survival guide to COVID-19
by Maria Patriquin, Apr 1, 2020 “There is much to be grateful for as we enter a new week with so much fear, confusion and vulnerability. Gratitude may be harder to access than social media would suggest or imply so I am going to help guide you through that if you wish.”