What happened to the flu?

a.m. of Jan 23, 2021 in Halifax, NS

As I looked out the window yesterday to rising sun and fresh snow I exclaimed ‘What a glorious morning, I can’t wait to get out and enjoy it, no Covid [in our bubble and in most of Nova Scotia} and nothing else in the respiratory system.’

One reason I had become addicted to escaping our winters the last few years was persistent, severe respiratory infections from Oct to April including flu and pneumonia several times.

I figured last September that with all of the precautions against Covid, this year there would be no flu and the rest of it. So far, that’s been true.

So I and, I imagine, many others can enjoy winter in Nova Scotia again.

We had four new cases in NS on Fri (Jan 22). I keep a record of indoor places I have visited and regularly check the Potential COVID Exposures Sites as I think most people do.

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