I went to The Bluff Trail on a very wet Saturday, June 6, 2015 to greet hikers on behalf of WRWEO, the organization that maintains The Bluff Trail.

I met only four people over 4 hours, so I had lots of time to enjoy the wildflowers and textures of plants on The Bluff Trail. A few that caught my attention are shown below.

A YouTube Video offers more description and context.

                                  - David P

Click on photos for larger versions.


Wild lily of the valley

Lungwort lichens on red maple


Pink lady's slipper

Cinnamon fern

Labrador tea

Lowbush blueberry

Black huckleberry

Rhodora in bud

Unfolding leaves of big-toothed aspen

First flowers on chokeberry

Rock tripe lichen

Teaberry or wintergreen

Witherod or wild raisin

Developing flowers on witherod

Mountain holly by Cranberry Lake

Rhodora in full bloom by the lake